NAID AAA Certification sets the highest benchmark for paper shredding companies, ensuring your safety. This certification is granted to organizations that pass a rigorous audit conducted by an independent 3rd party security expert, followed by continued scheduled and random audits. Shred St. George is expecting to have Certification approval in September of 2023.

We take pride in anxiously awaiting to be among the approximately 1,200 companies across the world that have earned the prestigious AAA Certification from NAID. NAID is a global organization, and you can easily verify the most up-to-date information on certified companies by visiting their website.

Since 2010, the owners of Shred St. George have been proudly operating NAID AAA Certified companies. In addition, the CEO of Shred St. George has served as the “immediate past president” of iSIGMA’s global Board of Directors (the association that owns and regulates NAID AAA Certification) and he has received recognition as both the 2015 and 2016 NAID Member of the Year. During his service on the CSDS Board of Regents for NAID has also contributed to the industry’s first textbook on Information Destruction principles.

Expected NAID AAA Certification Endorsements:

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Hipaa Compliant Secure Shredding

HIPAA COMPLIANCE: There is often confusion surrounding claims of being “HIPAA compliant” made by shred companies. However, it is important to understand what steps a shred company must take in order to truly achieve HIPAA Compliance. In collaboration with the experts at NAID, we have outlined the following 5 steps.

1. Complete a risk assessment.
Considering that a Shred Company is safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI) for only a VERY brief moment (compared to a doctor’s office), the scope of a thorough risk assessment for a paper shredding services company is narrow.
2. Background Check/Screen Employees.

At Shred St. George we complete annual background checks for each of our “Access” employees and look back in time as far as is legally appropriate. Felons, and individuals with theft related petty crime are ineligible to work for us as “Access Employees”.

3. Training! Training! Training!. (from a foundation of written policies and procedures)

At Shred St. George we have training videos, and a comprehensive set of written policies and procedures that are updated at least annually. We don’t want a breach, and you don’t want excuses. Training, training, training is how we accomplish both of those goals.

4. Maintain an incident report log.
Like safety, and other highly regulated workplace activities, part of the expected best practices of maintaining a secure environment, and part of being compliant with HIPAA is writing down and keeping a record of any incident. The US Health and Human Services department does not want to have incidents forgotten or swept under the rug. Shred Northwest has never had an incident, but if we do, we will log it.
4. Have an effective Business Associate Agreement (BAA) in place.

If you are a covered entity, then you should not work with a paper shredding, or hard drive shredding company unless there is a signed BAA in place. Shred Northwest has a BAA that you can sign. Frequently, Shred St George will sign the BAA that is provided from the Covered Entity. Our agreement is fair and mutually protective and we expect to sign similar, reasonable BAA’s with reasonable expectations of risk and liability.

More information about HIPAA can be found here.


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