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Fill. Shred. Repeat.


Do you need service on a timely and recurring basis? We’ve got you covered! We have a range of frequencies that can help cover any of your shredding needs.  We can come by weekly, every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks, every 8 weeks, or even every 12 weeks. And if you find that a certain frequency isn’t working for you, we can change it, no problem! Once you sign up with us, we set up your account and we come like clockwork. We are reliable and recurring service helps ensure that you do not experience any security breaches, which is great for auditing purposes.

Protect Yourself and Your Business from Security Breaches with Recurring Services.

For any questions, concerns, or logistical problems, just give us a call at 435-680-5982 and our team can help solve your problem or answer your questions, quickly and efficiently.

Which Container is Right for You?

We have 2 unit sizes for recurring service. The first is our 65 gallon “roll cart.” On average, it holds about 7 (10x12x15) boxes or 200lbs. The other size bin we have is about half the size of our roll cart and this unit is our “console.” It holds about 3 of the (10x12x15) boxes or 75lbs. Both of the bins securely lock and have a small slot for paper to go into the bin. Both of these units are safe and secure and make sure that your paper is safely and securely stored until the next time we come by to shred!

Pick the Perfect Frequency

Pros of Ongoing Shredding

The best way to prevent security breaches is to have us come by to shred on a frequency that prevents your bin from overflowing and doesn’t allow the material to sit for long periods of time. Having your rules and policies for how to handle sensitive information written down is also highly recommended for auditing purposes.

Discover Reliable Document Shredding Options nearby

Ensuring the safeguarding of your sensitive information begins with the proactive measure of finding a trustworthy document shredding service in your vicinity.

Opting for local accessibility, personalized services, and a steadfast commitment to community trust, these choices present a convenient and highly efficient solution suitable for both businesses and individuals.

Opt for a nearby document shredding service to experience the assurance that your confidential information is treated with meticulous care and expertise, delivering the peace of mind you deserve.

Choosing the right paper shredding services

In a time marked by growing environmental consciousness, make an eco-friendly choice when selecting a paper shredding service.

Opt for Shred St George, where sustainability takes center stage. Our commitment extends beyond secure document destruction – we actively contribute to environmental conservation by recycling the shredded material.

By doing so, we not only ensure the confidentiality of your information but also play a pivotal role in reducing the need for new paper production. Join us in making a positive impact on the planet while prioritizing the security of your sensitive documents. Choose Shred St George – where green practices meet cutting-edge security solutions

Advanced Shredding Technology: Ensuring Irreversible Destruction

In an age marked by escalating security apprehensions and the escalating threat of data breaches, the significance of document shredding has ascended to unprecedented levels.

Cutting-edge shredding technology now stands as the cornerstone, guaranteeing the irrevocable obliteration of sensitive information. This not only furnishes individuals and enterprises with a formidable defense against identity theft, corporate espionage, and unauthorized access to confidential data but also positions our shredding services as the vanguard in safeguarding your information assets.

Embrace unparalleled security with our state-of-the-art shredding solutions, fortifying your defense against the ever-evolving landscape of security challenges.



Call Shred Northwest

The most efficient way to ensure that we are all aligned and on the same page is to give us a call at 435-680-5982 We take pride in being a local company with owners, managers, and employees who treat others with the same respect we expect to receive. During the call, we will explain our services, address any logistical concerns, and provide information about the legal requirements of information privacy laws that we follow and enforce to ensure your satisfaction.


Deliever Containers for ongoing shredding

Once we have agreed on the container sizes, quantity, and shredding frequency, we will deliver the containers to your location by the next business day. You have the option to request a key for employees to access the bin or we can provide a locked bin to prevent internal tampering. We are excited to get started with your shredding needs! 🙂


mobile shredding

Our professional and polite shredding technicians will arrive on the scheduled service day to securely shred your confidential documents. After completing the shredding process, they will provide you with a certificate of destruction for your records. Our team is trained to be respectful of your office space, maintain a clean working environment, and prioritize the security of your sensitive information.


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