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Shred St. George is ON TIME for your purge!  Shred St. George is always the most FRIENDLY.  Shred St. George is always the LOW COST solution.

Shred St. George is a 5 Star excellence organization!  

Shred St. George is not a toilet service or a trash hauler pretending to be a shredder…we are 100% focused on locally delivering a world-class confidential shredding service.  Shredding is 100% what we do, and that’s why we can do it for the lowest price, AND at the highest customer service level for you!

STG Already Shredding Everywhere - Draft B-01

Document Shredding St. George

Opting for our professional document shredding services, Shred St.George guarantees an elevated standard of security, unparalleled convenience. Prioritise the protection of your confidentiality, actively contributing to a safer, more secure community.Make document shredding a cornerstone of your information management strategy. Experience the assurance that comes with knowing your sensitive data is handled with the utmost care and precision. Trust our expertise to guide you toward a safer and more secure future.

Phone calls are the simplest way...but for those wanting to email....

Thank you for considering contacting Shred St. George as your secure shredding services partner! We have been providing shredding services for over 15 years and we will absolutely be doing everything to make your experience shredding with us 5 STARS!

You can reach us by phone M-F from 8AM to 4:30PM at 435-680-5982, or you can fill out our form below and we will respond via email immediately.

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Shredding at your Office

We know what local businesses demand when it comes to a shredding service.  

Straight forward prices.

Reliable service schedules.

Accurate and timely billing.

Fantastic prices!

After more than 15 years operating local shredding services businesses, Shred St. George management is going to be the partner who makes your compliance easier.  We always show up!  Need an estimated time of arrival?…we can do it!  Need to change up your service frequency?…we can do it!  Need to have that Certificate of Destruction and invoice correct?…we can do it!  Need to work with a NAID AAA Certified services shred company?…that’s who we are!

Give us a call and see how much we can save you!

SHredding at your home

St. George and the surrounding areas are where successful professionals live.  Everyday we travel with our fleet of modern, state of the art, mobile shred trucks to homes where shredding is needed. 

 We can shred your hard drives, solid state drives, and confidential paper with absolute security.  Our shred trucks come to your location and take care of any amount of material, big or small! 

Yes, you can come to our office location in St. George to drop off materials, but we are already shredding everywhere in the region and likely driving right past your neighborhood and can conveniently shred everything right where you live.  

Super convenient!

Super secure!

 and SUPER affordable!


Does your company policies and procedures require witness shredding to be compliant? 🤩 Well, all of our trucks can accommodate this request. Our trucks are beasts that get the job done quickly. You won’t believe how fast years of secure documents can be safely and securely destroyed. You will receive a Shred St. George certificate of destruction confirming your material has been safely and securely shred. 

We are already likely shredding at your next door neighbor’s business, our mobile onsite shredding service makes so much sense to do at the same time…and we save you money!

Shred St. George is Preston’s Mobile shredding and recently got a face lift to reflect our local ownership and our community commitment to defending your business, and protecting your identities.

Preston's Rockin P Shredding!

One-Time Shredding purge

You need a shredding service that will meet you at your storage unit…that will lift those giant heavy boxes…that will climb the stairs into your basement or above your shop…and that will give a 2 hour arrival time window (and keep it!!!).

Shred St. George will help you purge and clean out all your stockpiled confidential information.  We will shred your hard drives and solid state drives at the same purge appointment too! 

Our shredding services are critical for supporting your HIPAA compliance. 

Shredding using a recurring pro!

Professional organizations never allow inventories of confidential materials to sit around, available for an employee breach.  Best practices in secure information governance establish and use a recurring schedule to protect their employees from making a mistake that can ruin a business.  

Without using a recurring schedule for shredding, organizations create a risk of having to defend WHY they decided to shred, or WHY NOT they decided to shred…it gets messy! 

Shred St. George comes weekly, or every 2, 4, 8, or 12 weeks to provide a shredding service.  To lock in low prices, and to facilitate your regulatory compliance, we use a clear and concise, with no complicated legal jargon Services Agreement. 

Once you are set up, our expert shredding technicians will service your business like clockwork and any adjustments or issues are quickly and expertly handled by our office team.


…give us a call and experience the culture and the difference of the local and world-class ways of Shred St. George.  Give us a call at 435-680-5982 and talk with one of our team members.  We live here.  We shred here.  We love it here.

Shredding PAPER?

Of course!

And by the way, don’t believe the hype from popularized media, paper is a renewable resource, and a terrific media for confidential controls.  

Endless disposable technology gadgets, eWaste of all sizes, and batteries are what is filling up landfills today!  Meanwhile, appropriate use of paper is sustainable, renewable, and offline paper use is IMPOSSIBLE to HACK.  

Ask ChatGPT, or your favorite AI technology, savvy uses of paper remains a component of high velocity organizations that understand that just because other technology exists, you don’t abandon the elegantly simple-use of paper.

Shredding HARD DRIVEs?

Right in front of you!  Absolutely!!

One of the important and critical security solutions that the local owners and local management team of Shred St. George insisted on, was modernizing the fleet of Shred St. George mobile shred trucks.  

When Shred St. George arrives at your location, a single mobile shred truck unit has (3) THREE separate/distinct shredding machines.  

*One shredder for paper.

*One shredder for hard drives

*One shredder for solid state drives.

Please don’t mix them together!…but we can destroy them right at your location and it’s so affordable to do them on the same visit.

Shredding Products and Other stuff?


Did you know that Shred St. George has a very exclusive relationship with an incineration partner?  Commericial incinerators are available available to the public, and seldomly allow for new partners, but Shred St. George is IN!

Some things you have are simply too secure to permit even a particle of remnants to remain, for all that strange stuff, or ultra secure stuff, call Shred St. George…we have the solutions.

Professional shredding companies are NAID AAA Certified.  Shred St. George is now NAID-AAA Certified.  

We definitely have a lot of fun doing our jobs, and branding our company, but make no mistake, there are NO SHORTCUTS when it comes to our security and your confidentiality! Our shredding services are critical for supporting your HIPAA compliance. Any trash hauler, or port o potty guy can buy an old shred truck, but Shred St. George now has the prestigious and globally recognized NAID AAA Certification that validates and audits the actual claims of our security.

And the best news…it doesn’t cost you anything more to work with a professionally credentialed expert services company 🙂


Shred St. George is part of a critical replanting movement in the United States….and it’s making a difference! 

For each and every Google review we receive, we have 5 new trees planted!

Start a new recurring shredding service…we will plant 5 new trees on your behalf, and send you your certificate of replanting.

Remember, modern paper use is no longer the problem to our environment.  More relevant today, eWaste that contributes to a “paperless office” is a serious concern to sustainability and often goes under-reported or under-considered.

Together, let’s be part of a beautiful future filled with technology, and trees.